November/December 2013: Wicked and assorted Christmas events

Ok, so I spoke about most of November yesterday, but on the 30th I went on a very special outing to London. Six of us all went to the same primary school and then the same youth group and wanted to do something special to celebrate our 18th birthdays. Therefore, we all bought tickets for Wicked as presents to each other and planned a trip to the London shops, Wicked and a lovely meal afterwards. Annoyingly I did spend some time in the lead up to our trip rather nervous and worried about going, especially as it was my first ‘solo’ trip to the capital (as in no parental support). Once we were on the train I definitely calmed down and it was an amazing day out. We had a great time browsing the shops, especially with all the Christmas stock, and Wicked was so much better than I remembered (I had actually seen it a few years before with my parents, but this time we sat in the stalls right up close to the stage and I feel it was a better cast too!) After Wicked we ventured over to Leicester Square and Shaftesbury Avenue to the Bella Italia that we had booked a table for. There was an unfortunately long wait for our table because the people before us stuck around for an age, but the food was good. All too soon it was time to head home but it is something that I will remember for ages.

Outside the Apollo Victoria Theatre

Outside the Apollo Victoria Theatre

Into December, the first big event was my interview at Cambridge, but that’s a massive can of worms that I will open tomorrow! Actually before that, we had our school evening at celebration, and boy was I busy that night! I spent the entire first half in the orchestra pit playing for the Year 7 singers, then popped upstairs to join the other prize winners to receive some subject awards and the Arthur McKivett Caritas Award (I have no idea who McKivett was but the award was to do with being caring). Then I played in the string group/orchestra and rounded off the night with a rendition of songs from the upcoming school production of Oliver. My back was quite stiff and achey after all of that, especially spending the whole day in rehearsals. It was also very unfortunate timing as my Grandma had died the night before, but I think it took my mind off that.

Obviously the great event of the month is Christmas, so much of what happened to me was Christmas related. I went to two Christmas parties – one with EPIC, my youth group, which was great; and the other with the sixth form Student Union. Being on the student union I would have hoped that it might have been a bit more successful. I didn’t enjoy it. My close friends didn’t go, so although there were people I knew, I only really spoke to about three people. It wasn’t like you could carry a conversation anyway because of the music and general noise. It was not a place where I felt comfortable because of the closely packed people and me avoiding people touching my back and even bumping into it. Someone spilt beer on the floor and my shoes got soaked, and the DJ turned up and then refused to play because they didn’t have equipment, yet he still got paid! However, the person controlling the music was better than the DJ at prom and then some, plus everyone was too drunk to care (despite the majority being underage!).

The final December event (apart from Christmas) was the orchestral Christmas course, which was really fun but also very full on. I certainly went home each day aching, but it was worth it to play in such a respected orchestra with great friends, who I am going to miss so much!

Anyway, come back tomorrow to hear about my interview at Cambridge and then we’ll be into 2014!


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