October/November 2013: Zine Project and Bournemouth

OK, so I’m back to October and thought I’d fill you in with what happened in the latter half of the month, particularly a project I took part in at Brighton Museum. Back in July 2013, I joined a group at the museum called the Museum Collective, which is a group for young people that runs and takes part in creative projects and also can be used as a youth panel to discuss changes to the museum that might affect us or aim to encourage youth engagement with the museum.

Anyway, for two days over half term, a number of us met to create a zine in response to the Subversive Design exhibition that was running at that point. If you don’t know what a zine is, it a basically a low cost, homemade magazine on a particular topic, often created by hand rather than printed from a computer. As part of this we got to see the exhibition for free and chose a few pieces to respond to creatively. We also had the privilege of working with artist Tristan Manco, who wrote briefly about the project here: http://www.tristanmanco.com/2014/01/13/subverzine-brighton-museum/. We did a lot of photocopying, especially from old copyright free books – old style cutting and pasting! We had various stencils and stampers and obviously there were also good old fashioned pens and paper to just draw on. It was a really fun project and the end result ‘Subverzine’ was even sold in the shop!

A few days after finishing the zine project I went away to Bournemouth, which was fast becoming our go to holiday destination for a quick break. As usual we did some swimming and some shopping and just general relaxation. My anxiety over eating was a lot better this time around (I may have actually glossed over that bit last time I wrote about it but oh well!), and we had a great trip to Mottisfont, a National Trust property, on the way there, and a trip to Lyndhurst on the way back.

The rest of November was pretty normal, although we did return to Sorted, which was great, especially meeting up with Imi from camp! In a departure from the normal pattern we didn’t stay in London for food but returned home because we had a baby with us and that also meant that my friend Lara could join us having been at work for the day. It was such an encouraging day as well, and something I would definitely recommend. There was also another special trip to London at the very end of November, but I am going to park that for today and leave you in suspense! All will be revealed tomorrow!


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