October 2013: Post-op 4 and UCAS

So, we’ve reached October 2013, which firstly meant another post-op, scheduled for Tuesday 8th. After the shock of possible further surgery from the previous appointment, I was naturally nervous but we managed to make it to the hospital and up to the x-ray department without major incident. Once through x-ray we went back down to outpatients and were soon seen by Dr Adnan Meyer, one of the registrars who had grown in confidence and skill since the disastrous mismessage of not needing surgery. Anyway, apart from my aversion to people touching my back, the appointment went well and we had good news – no surgery needed! We finished our day in the usual way with M&S food.

The first half of the month was mainly taken up by my UCAS application for university. I’d finally chosen my list of 5 to apply to, all to do History – Bristol, Cambridge, Kent, Reading and Royal Holloway. I had spent months on my personal statement, writing about 7 drafts for different people to read and critique. I’d gathered all my qualifications, including Grade 2 piano and similar. All that was left was to press send, which was to be a momentous occasion according to my senior tutor who made us all press the send button ourselves. I sent mine off the day before the Oxbridge deadline and got my first offer at 14:32 the following Friday from Reading (ABB).

If I could give one piece of advice concerning UCAS it would be to ask loads of people to read your personal statement and visit loads of universities. Also get it in early because the school will prioritise you over later applications. And don’t stress!!


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