August 2013: Spain and Oxford

Basically, August 2013 contained quite little of note. We went on holiday to Spain, which took up quite a lot of the summer break, but that was pretty much the same as any other year. I was quite worried about the flight, especially with it being my first one since my operation. My back was fine though and we arrived safely and not too stiff. I was a bit self conscious with wearing my swimming costume with my scar, but I had bought one which pretty much covered it up. I also made sure it was covered from the sunlight, just in case. So, anyway, Spain was really relaxing, although I was sick before we got on the coach home because of the stress of the journey home.

The other trip we made in August 2013 was to visit Oxford, as we couldn’t make it to any of the university open days. We went up on the 9th and stayed in a Travelodge in the Oxford Peartree services, next door to the park and ride. We got there fairly early and headed up to St John’s College, where we met one of the Admissions Secretaries. She gave us a tour and talked to us about the college, and it was very nice and a beautiful place. We then went to St Peter’s College, which wasn’t as nice, quite a concrete jungle and more run down (partially because they have less money), but still a fairly nice place to live. We also visited Christ Church, which was full of tourists because of Harry Potter – we saw the staircase to the ‘Great Hall’ and the chapel and had a walk in the garden area and park next door, which was again very picturesque. At some point we also saw Corpus Christi, which was very cute and lovely.

The next day, my parents had arranged an Inspector Morse tour around Oxford. I wasn’t really a fan but I now actually like Endeavour, and it’s still nice to watch something and say ‘I’ve been there!’. The woman doing the tour was very knowledgeable on the city in general though, apart from the current university precedures, as she still thought if they like you, you’ll get an unconditional offer (no!). We also saw New College, which featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – the courtyard where Malfoy gets turned into a ferret! It’s also in Endeavour Series 2, in the episode entitled Sway. The Bodlian Library was great too, we saw an exhibition on magical books and there was a great gift shop!

Anyway, we had a great time in Oxford and took lots of beautiful photos of the colleges; my back survived my first flight post-op; and I will return tomorrow to fill you in on September 2013!


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