July 2013: Kent and Cambridge

So, now it’s time to discuss July 2013. I promise it will be short today, especially as the major event was Bredon, which will have its very own post tomorrow. Therefore, today I will be talking about two more university visits – Kent and Cambridge.

Now, my first visit was to Cambridge, on Thursday 4th July. As usual I took my parents along but this time instead of staying at a Travelodge, we went to see my aunt and uncle (and cousin) in Bishops Stortford. We didn’t end up seeing them that much because they were busy, but it was nice to see them all the same. It was my first time sleeping on an airbed since my operation, which was a bit uncomfortable but probably pretty much the same as it would’ve been.

On the day of the Cambridge Open Day we caught the train there and then walked down to the Sidgwick Site, where the History department and quite a lot of other arts subjects are based. After a few general talks about student life and the university in general, we headed off to visit some colleges. We started with Newnham, a women’s only college, which was my favourite and absolutely beautiful! The gardens were lovely (and you could walk all over them!) and they had an amazing library. Queen’s College was alright, but it was a bit rubbish accommodation wise and just didn’t feel as good! We also saw Selwyn, which was pretty nice too. Other parts of the day were the History talk and a sample lecture, which were both good, but a little bit specialist and out of the norm. Part of me really wanted to hate Cambridge and make my decision on applying there a lot easier, but I actually really liked it! Dilemmas aside, we ended the day with a meal out in Café Rouge and a stroll around the town before heading back to Bishops Stortford.

The following day was our trip to Kent and we left fairly early to drive over to the Canterbury campus. We were WAY too early, so ended up waiting for ages. To be honest a lot of these university visits merge into one, as I can barely remember half of what we did at Kent. We must have had some sort of Welcome talk and maybe student life (I mainly remember not having my notebook because I left in my free bag from Cambridge – I should’ve mentioned that each university we visited had free bags, which I gratefully took!). We skipped the accommodation talk, which was probably a mistake because Kent has a weird collegiate system that I still don’t understand. Anyway, they have a lovely building which has a side panel that moves in the wing, a whole row of shops including a bookshop, and a proper café in the library, where I had a chicken and bacon Panini (that actually didn’t have any mayo!!). We heard the history information talk and I saw my friend Becca from Bredon, which was amazing because we kept looking at each other trying to work out if we were who the other thought we were! We then set off home, with another two universities added to my shortlist.

Anyway, this post has seemed to get longer and longer so I will add just one more thing about my violin Grade 7 exam. I think I took this one or two weeks after those university visits and it was my first music practical exam since my op. The first rehearsal with my accompanist was really draining as it was about an hour of non-stop playing but the actual exam was OK and a few weeks later I found out that I got a merit, which is my best ever result!

So, I really will leave it there now and get on with important things like bible study and going to bed, but I will see you tomorrow for a revisit of Bredon fun!!


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