Post-op 3: Tuesday 4th June 2013

The next event I wish to talk about is my third post-op, which took place on Tuesday 4th June 2013. It was the day of Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee Coronation celebration thing, but our appointment was late enough that we missed all the busyness around Westminster for that. I think we saw a fair number of hats, dresses and posh suits on our way there though.

Anyway, we arrived for the appointment and I wasn’t all that worried on the whole. We went through x-ray OK I think and were soon back to wait for the actual appointment. We were seen by Jonathan Lucas, i.e. the main man, which was good because we like seeing the highest authority. However, his news was not good and I will give you his words from the letter we were sent about the appointment:

“I reviewed Elizabeth who is, unfortunately I think is developing a junctional kyphosis between T9 and T10 at the end of her proximal metal work”. He later adds that he is worried about this, and states that the angle has gone from 12* to 18.3* (couldn’t find the degree sign). I was really worried because in no way did I want to go through another operation and the stress that goes with it. Of course in the moment I didn’t think about how in general in medicine they do give worst case scenario, and actually this incident shows how great it is that they can monitor you. So, if you’re not sure about having scoliosis, or indeed any other condition, then please see a doctor or try to get a referral to a specialist because once you are in the system they will be able to track your progress and see trends in changes.

Anyway, once all this was over with I had a cry and had a smidge of M&S Food and probably cried again and again and many more times before our next appointment in three months time. It was a massive shock to be thinking that everything was normal and then suddenly there was another problem rearing its head! But I managed to keep living and stuff and tried not to think about it too much.

So, I’ll leave it there for today and you can wait with bated breath for tomorrow’s post, filling you in on the rest of June!


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