May 2013: Exams

So, I’ve reached May 2013, and a number of things happened in that month. Firstly there was Bible by the Beach, but as I have gone back again since then I won’t talk about that (memories have almost been replaced!). The main thing that happened in May was my exams, my first since my operation, so that’s the main subject of today’s post.

I was naturally very worried about doing my exams, even without the added worry about my back being able to cope with the stress and length of exams. I am incredibly surprised by how little I remember about the exam season! So I will be brief.

One memory that stands out is running late for my History exam, which was in the attic. It was up three flights of narrow stairs and so I arrived out of breath and pretty stressed. I was actually ten minutes early but for once there seemed to be really impatient invigilators. I managed the exam fine, despite being flustered.

The other exam memory I have is about my long sleeved top. “What?” I hear you ask. Well, there was an issue a few years ago about wearing hoodies in exams so, to ensure that there was no problem, I took a long sleeved top with me to keep warm. Now, being cold wasn’t actually a problem so instead I used it as a cushion for my back. I don’t know if it helped but it was a comfort.

The final exam worry I had was about my exam clash on the last day before half term. I was meant to have a 2 hour English exam at the same time as a 1 and a half hour Maths exam, which is obviously impossible. So I was put into isolation with the three boys who were in the same situation and we sat the English exam, had a break, then sat the Maths one. I didn’t think my back would survive but it did, probably because of the comfy chairs in the sixth form room we were in.

Anyway, exams finished and I was free for two weeks, during which we visited my godmother (I won’t go into details) and then at the beginning of June I had another post-op appointment, which I will discuss tomorrow!


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