OK, so today I am writing about anxiety, namely my own. Basically I have about a day to write a week’s worth of posts, so this might be a bit rough.

I had obviously been very anxious in the run up to my operation and also during my recovery for obvious reasons. Once it was all behind me, I still had feelings of anxiety that I couldn’t seem to shift, and about very mundane things like public transport and toilets (the two of which were more often than not related!). Anyway, this all came to a head in late February 2013, just as we were going out to watch the school production of Beauty and the Beast. I got so stressed about getting the bus and sitting in the theatre that we very nearly didn’t go. However, after my parents getting very annoyed at me for being so silly, we did go and I really enjoyed it.

This episode meant that my mum made an appointment for me to see the doctor about my anxiety and worries, although doing the usual tactic of writing the appointment down in her part of the calendar so I wouldn’t get worried about going (it never works as I ask her why she’s going to the doctors!!). Anyway, we went (it was a Monday, maybe even just after we’d got back from Manchester) and I was worried, but I got in there and was told to keep a sort of anxiety diary of all the things I worry about, try and find a project to focus on, research anxiety, and to come back in a month’s time.

Anyway, we started doing what he advised (although not much research as I was FAR too busy!), and I started playing the piano more and recording what I was anxious about. One such event was seeing Harry Hill Live in the middle of March 2013. It was my first comedy show and actually only my second time in a theatre/concert type setting. My worries were, I think, toilets and not liking it, and probably getting uncomfortable sitting down. All was fine until the interval when I had an ice cream and spent much of the second half worrying about being sick again (I wasn’t) – Harry Hill was amazing though and I will certainly be buying the DVD.

I’m happy to say that the extreme anxiety I had experienced got much better very soon, probably because of writing things down. Other events that happened during March were my birthday, 15th March, which was not only on a Friday but also on Comic Relief Night, which I was very happy about, and I had a great day including a Red Nose Day party. On the following day we drove up to Egham to visit Royal Holloway, part of the University of London, my first university visit. I was a bit worried about that as well with the drive up and food, but all was fine, and I won’t go into details of my visit because I have plenty of other visits to describe!

I will leave this post now and make a start on tomorrow’s – April 2013!


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