March 2013: Manchester

So, March 2013 was quite busy and also marked six months post op. But before all that, the holiday of the month is…Manchester! Yes, we went on a weekend to Manchester, the main reason being to see Manchester United play at Old Trafford. This was mainly for my dad’s benefit, as he grew up there and as a result supports Man U.

Anyway, we drove up on Friday 1st March after school via the M6 toll, stopping at some services on the way including for dinner, although unfortunately my aversion to eating on the go meant I didn’t eat very much. We arrived at our hotel quite late and were shown to our two rooms – the hotel came as part of a package and wouldn’t let us share. Originally we thought we’d ended up with two doubles (despite requesting twins) but me and my mum got a twin room.

Saturday afternoon was the main event, so before that we had a chance to shop in Salford Quays. It’s full of great outlets and I was able to get a nice cheap bag from M&S and some lunch from Costa. Although my aversion to eating new things meant that I just had some crisps and shortbread. Anyway, after this we headed back to the hotel to change for the match.

One thing that I was worried about concerning my back was the sitting down, especially in stadium seats, and another was that it might be cold. The cold problem was easily solved with a lovely thermal vest (actually a long sleeved top) from M&S. It is the most comfortable top I own and I would happily wear it on its own. I also wore a cosy hoodie and several more layers!! This extra padding also made the seat a lot more comfortable!

In fact the comfort was not much of an issue, as we arrived and were ushered into one of the lounges (all part of the holiday package!). We then had slightly padded seats to watch the match from and free tea and coffee. The match itself was quite good, much better than watching on TV – it was Man United vs Norwich, we won 4-0 (hat trick from Kagawa and then a goal from Rooney). We also managed to see Alex Ferguson through our binoculars! I was a bit tired after, but managed to make it to dinner at Café Rouge with my dad’s friends.

The rest of the trip was a journey home via Alderley Edge (where we took the photo below) and Wilmslow where my dad used to live. I was a bit too tired to worry too much about the journey! Things happened in the remainder of March too, but I will talk about them tomorrow and all will become clear! I will leave you with the following picture of me and my dad at Alderley Edge (and recommend that you read The Weirdstone of Brisingamen)

Me and my dad at Alderley Edge

Me and my dad at Alderley Edge


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