February 2013: Cardiff (Part 1)

February was a month I was really looking forward to – in the half term we were going to the Doctor Who Experience! It was a treat my parents got me after the hardship of the operation and I was really excited.

However, before we went I ended up somehow with an infected toenail. We still don’t know why, but it may have been that I was wearing the same trainers all the time or something, we’re not sure. Anyway, it had got to the Friday before half and my toe really hurt and I couldn’t quite walk properly so my mum suggested I go to Matron in my free. At my school we don’t have a school nurse, but instead we have Matron who will cater for the majority of medical needs. Usually she will only treat ‘illnesses’ that have emerged during school but there was no-one else there so she made an exception. As soon as she saw my toe she said ‘go to the doctor, it’s infected’ and so that’s what I did.

Actually, I never set foot in a doctor’s surgery. My mum rung up and told them what Matron had said and the doctor was able to prescribe antibiotics over the phone. A quick trip to collect the prescription and I began my course of antibiotics. Because of my aversion to tablets this had to be in liquid form, and it tasted like fizzy lemons (not in a good way). But it gets better over time and by the time we were off to Cardiff I’d got used to it!

So, I was both excited and nervous about going to Cardiff. Excited because we were going to the home of Doctor Who and there are Welsh people there, and nervous because it was a long car journey, and I was on antibiotics, and it was somewhere we hadn’t been in a long time, and also what if it was a disappointment! The good thing about me writing this over a year later is that you don’t get me waffling about every single detail so I will just say that the journey went well, I ate minimal food (I basically just had crackers at Leigh Delamare westbound) and we arrived at our hotel pretty much as planned. Finding the car part was harder but we made it there and got a handwritten ticket because they were replacing the barrier (it’s still in our car somewhere…)

On looking the hotel up on Google Maps, I’ve actually realised that there was a second entrance at the back but anyway, it was The Royal Hotel on St Mary Street in the centre of Cardiff, with plenty of bars and restaurants nearby. It was really weird walking there because everyone had amazing Welsh accents. When we said we were here for Doctor Who the man at reception pointed out the places we should go on a map (although they weren’t very good) and  then we  went up to our room. Now, we had one triple room, because I didn’t particularly want a room on my own, and this probably contributed to our choosing of this particular hotel. Some places get very fussy about over 16s sharing a room with their parents (why!?) and so we have tended to choose places where this is still an option so that we can be together. Anyway, it was a nice big room, a little bit cold (which was good for my antibiotics!) but nice all the same, and it also came with some heaters so that was good. The safe was locked but we soon got someone to get it open and our holiday could begin.

We took a stroll down the neighbouring streets, generally looking as well as searching for somewhere to eat. We ended up in Bella Italia, where I had a nice steak and chips, and my parents had something else. We even got a student discount with my UCAS Card! We returned to the hotel room with plenty of brochures picked up from the brochure stand, planned our next day and watched Death in Paradise, when it still had Ben Miller in.

I will leave you on a cliffhanger now, and I’m sure waiting for tomorrow’s post will not be as hard as waiting for Doctor Who, but an even more Doctor Who themed post will be coming your way tomorrow, in honour of the new series (it was literally just luck that meant I was posting it tomorrow though!)


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