6 Week Post-Op Appointment: Tuesday 6th November 2012

So, I’d made the first steps to return to school and it was time for me to return to the hospital for my first post-op appointment, 6 weeks after my operation.

I was naturally very nervous about going back to the hospital, especially the journey up on the train. Luckily my appointment wasn’t too early in the day so we didn’t get a particularly busy train. I can’t remember if we got the underground, taxi or walked from the station to the Evelina, but as always we arrived in plenty of time.

We had a fairly smooth time in x-ray, I don’t think we waited long and they were very happy with my x-ray friendly clothing (plain t-shirt and jogging bottoms). There was little of note recorded in my actual appointment, just good recovery and healing. Once appointment stuff was finished with, we went down to m&s food for some lunch and then headed home. On the way we popped into the grounds of Westminster Abbey to see the remembrance crosses.

There’s nothing else really to say on this, I mean I went home and watched TV then went to bed! My next appointment was scheduled for 6 weeks later, so I’ll be talking about that after filling you in about the rest of 2012! Please follow/comment/ask questions!


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