Return to school and Sorted

So, I was finally feeling a little better and well enough to return to school (although technically it was sixth form college, but it was the same school so I just call it school!). We were told that the recommended time off was 4-6 weeks, and I managed 4 from the day I went into surgery, at least according to Facebook! My status update on 24th October read “4 weeks ago I was in theatre, now I’m going back to school and looking forward to French tomorrow!”. To be honest I can barely remember going back, but I must have had French! It wasn’t a full day, I think I only went in for one or two lessons, but I was there long enough to get some work done and sort out what needed to be done over half term. It helped that I was at sixth form because I didn’t have 5 lesson days every day!

Anyway, I still had a fair amount of work, including two history essays and naturally work for my other subjects as well. Half term was a mixture of sleep, relaxing and doing catch up work. I think I also managed to meet up with friends. I went back to school properly on Monday 5th November, but alas, only for one day! That’s not because of any disaster but because I had my first post-op appointment, which I will talk about in my next post. Once that was done with I was able to survive school pretty much full time, luckily having a mum who worked part time at the school who could give me lifts. Most days I did come home and lie down though!

Before I finish, I want to talk about Sorted! On 10th November, the weekend after I went back to school, my youth group went up to London to go to a big Christian youth event in Westminster Chapel (called Sorted). This was my first fun day out post-op and involved a pretty crowded train, so I was quite worried about it. Afterwards we always go out for a meal, but I thought I might want to go home at that point, so my parents came up too (they didn’t come to the event though). The theme in 2012 was Alive, and I got a fantastic T-shirt as well as being encouraged by great bible teaching and seeing a few friends from far away. We also got some reserved pews and a special chair for me because of my back, and our only boy in my youth group carried a cushion for me (thanks Ben!). I even managed a walk down the road during the break so that we could take some photos of the letters of the word Alive for the photo challenge (in the end we were too late to enter)

The train journeys were fine as we all got seats and we also saw loads of teachers, including my history teacher who was also my old form tutor (I remember because I said that I’d seen him after class and showed him my T-shirt) and a teacher from another school, who were both going to an away football match (you probably don’t care about this at all!!). ANYWAY, if you’re interested in Sorted, their website is here:

So, I think that brings this to a close! I managed to catch up pretty quickly on work, but if you have a poor work ethic it will take much longer. Just make sure you seek support from your place of study, and they should help you loads.


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