Further Recovery

Once my dressing was sorted, there were no formal jobs left for me to do in terms of my recovery. Each week merged into the next as I gradually got better so I’m going to talk about the remainder of my recovery at home in this one post.

By week 2 at home I was starting to get bored and felt like I needed to start my catch up work! Maths I could actually do in bed and then my mum wrote it in neat if needed, and I was mainly just working through the textbook. French was much harder as I had little idea of what I was missing and didn’t have the spoken input needed to succeed. English was again working through the textbook, but History was by far the easiest. My teachers were able to give me all the worksheets and the scheme of work so I knew exactly what to do. I have a really strong memory of doing some research on Marxism and having to stop because someone came to visit.

I had a number of visitors, mainly friends and people from church but also a few family members. These were great because I wasn’t able to go out much. However after a week or so I was able to go to church and youth group as normal and also the next sixth form bible study.

Other things I got up to were watching TV, sleeping and gradually reducing my drugs. My next step was to return to school!


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