Dressing Removal 2: Monday 8th October 2012

So, the next event in my hectic recovery was my second dressing removal. This was by no means as traumatic as the first, and I also had a great nurse. She had a son who was at the same school as me, so we were able to discuss teachers and stuff – coincidentally one of her son’s history essays was given to us as an example a few weeks later. Anyway, she took the dressing off with the aid of cold spray, and then told me that it was healed enough to not have to put another dressing on and I could have a shower in a few days. I was very happy about this and proceeded to go home and have a lie down. My scar felt very weird, much like lying on a shoelace!

Also, I forgot to mention that on the preceding Saturday, I went to the hairdresser because I still couldn’t wash my hair. Another coincidence was that the girl washing my hair was in the year below me at school! So, we were also able to have a chat about history teachers and stuff, although it’s always a bit weird having someone else wash your hair.

Anyway, that’s it for now, so I’ll return tomorrow (hopefully) with more news on my recovery!


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