Get Well Soon Presents

I wanted to say a quick word on get well soon presents. Firstly, thank you! I did not expect anyone to give me presents or even cards, yet I spent a great deal of time (relatively) receiving and opening kind gifts from friends and relatives. I have a big bag on my shelf with all the get well soon cards – some I even got from people I barely know, but love all the same! I would encourage you to encourage your ill friends with cards if you possibly can!

In terms of presents, I got plenty of cake and flowers as well as people getting me things like pens, notebooks and playdough! I definitely recommend playdough for post-op modelling fun! I also got the DVD boxset from my parents and lots of sympathy! Oh, and the family I babysit for gave me a little toy rabbit, which I took into hospital – the little girl said that’s what I needed!!

As I’ve written this, it does seem a lot like boasting about how I got stuff for going through my operation. I didn’t ask for anything, and actually stuff fades, I’m almost more touched by the cards, especially the one covered in stickers from my second cousin. But it is great to get presents and cards because it makes you feel a bit better about what you’re going through!

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll hopefully do another post on my recovery, I’m going to stop begging for comments because no-one writes any… 😦


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