Recovery Week 1

So, here’s a (hopefully short) run down on my first week of recovery at home. Obviously I’ve already spoken about the dressing change, but don’t worry, that’s the worst thing you really have to go through. Painkillers are still very prevalent and I also learnt that diclofenac and fruit is not a great mix as it really excites your stomach.

The days I spent at home have gradually merged into one, so it’s very hard to distinguish between when things happened. My first week though definitely involved a lot of television watching and being waited on by my dad, who was able to work from home to look after me. When an operation became a possibility, my parents promised to buy me a DVD boxset and so I was lovingly given the complete Sarah Jane Adventures collection to watch through during recovery. Other programmes included Helicopter Heroes (narrated by Nick Knowles) and a bit of Jeremy Kyle, so basically whatever was on TV. We also had on demand and our recorder box thing, so there was plenty of choice of programmes.

I also spent a lot of time lying down, although not really sleeping, more like listening to audio plays and stuff, and I occasionally found the energy to read some books. A few people came to visit as well, including youth leaders with chocolate brownies! I was lucky enough that we were able to move our sixth form bible study group (6@6) to my house on the Thursday after I was discharged, so I was able to see my friends and be encouraged from Romans! We had our youth group (EPIC) session at my house on the Sunday too and I still have the poster we made about encouraging each other in our faith.

So, as you can tell, recovery is a busy time (that was supposed to be sarcastic!) – I didn’t have to do much as everything just came to me. Stay tuned for more on my recovery (it might even be published tomorrow…!)


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