Book review: Tempest by Julie Cross

I wanted to review this book on my blog because it was the book that I started just before my operation and finished in the first few days at home. To refresh my memory I have recently reread it, as well as the two sequels (which weren’t really as good)
The story centres around a 19 year old boy called Jackson who can time jump, but anything he changes is erased when he returns to the present. He starts by just testing his abilities with his friend Adam, but when his girlfriend Holly is shot he ends up stuck two years in the past – and now his actions are permanent.

Personally, the whole loss of his relationship with the real Holly saddened me but then again I’d be happy enough reading a mundane account of someone’s life. He was evidently never going to stay away from the younger version so it was good to see how that developed. There were a fair few twists in this book and the cover is beautiful, so it’s probably 4/5 stars.

As an aside, rereading this book also highlighted the way that the current media and culture reflect relationships to young people. Looking along my bookshelves, it is actually quite hard to find a young adult (or indeed adult) book that does not involve a romantic relationship to some extent. It seems like young minds are being saturated with often unrealistic ideals about love and romance, leaving a generation of girls feeling lost if they haven’t got a boyfriend by the time they leave primary school! I have no idea how bad the books designed for boys are but it does make me worry about how girls are affected by what they read.

Well, that book review turned into a comment on modern teenage literature, sorry about that! Tomorrow I’ll be back to posting about my recovery, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments box below


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