What to take to hospital

I have been trying to write lots of posts over the summer but it’s really not working! So, I’m going to try to write more spontaneously and apologise if they aren’t quite as well written! I want to apologise to anyone who has recently met me (just come back from the amazing Bredon!) and has no idea what this blog is about, please read my about page!

Anyway, I thought I would talk about what you need to take to hospital when undergoing such an operation. I apologise to any male readers as some of this will be completely irrelevant, but I’ll write about clothes first then anything else you need, so bear with.


  • Tops – loose fitting tops are incredibly useful as they are comfortable and easy to take on and off. The dressing is initially quite bulky and it’s awkward to change clothing whilst you’re stuck in bed so looser clothes are the best. Pyjama tops are perfectly acceptable, but preferably without extras like sequins or fake gem things because then they are also good to wear during an x-ray. Also, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be too precious about what you wear as you are almost certain to mess them up.
  • Trousers – I say trousers because skirts are inappropriate attire for being stuck in bed, not only for comfort reasons but also for decency. Loose fitting trousers are again very important, especially as you are catheterised and the tube will be stuck to your leg. I also found it best to wear trousers with a soft waistband, particularly after the dressing comes off because it won’t rub as much on the scar. Oh, and it can get a bit cold in hospital. Jogging bottoms, pyjama bottoms, some jeggings and probably leggings are all good! Also, for x-rays it’s great to have something without metal parts.
  • Underwear – sorry boys, this bit is a little irrelevant! As the operation is on your back, you won’t be able to wear a normal bra for a while. It might be good to get measured before you go to hospital, because once you can start wearing one it needs to fit well. A soft back is great, I can’t say anything about backless bras because they’re too expensive! All other items are pretty fine, although I struggled to wear socks – they give you the special stockings to stop DVT anyway
  • Shoes – for walking around hospital you just need a pair of slippers which are easy to put on and off, and then a pair of slip on shoes like trainers for your journey home. Make sure they’re not too tight because your feet may expand!

Other items:

  • Phone – it’s good once you’re back on this planet to keep in touch with friends and family via text and calls (although the hospital now has free wi-fi too!!) You have a phone on your over bed TV but it’s nice to have your own mobile
  • iPod (or generic mp3 device) – I found that listening to music helped pass the time, and I also loaded up some Torchwood audio plays, which were really good because the actual actors were reading the story and it felt like you were watching TV.
  • Books – I found reading difficult because of concentration and having to hold the book, but it’s worth having a book in case someone reads to you or you’re stuck waiting around.
  • Headphones – to watch TV after 7pm you need headphones, and the hospital provided ones aren’t half bad. However it can be nice to have your own. A splitter is good too if more than one person wants to watch.
  • Towel and washing essentials – I’m pretty sure there was a towel there, but it’s nice to have your own (in my case massive) towel. You get antibacterial wipes for before the operation, but some shower gel and shampoo wouldn’t go amiss, especially if you get your hair washed – it makes it smell of home!
  • Portable DVD Player/Laptop – in case there’s nothing good on TV!

I can’t think of what else you might need so I’ve probably got everything!! I’ll make it clear if there are any edits anyway! Give me a comment or follow, especially if you’re a new reader (and probably spent a while wondering what this is about!!)


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