Going Home: Monday 1st October 2012

It was what I’d been waiting for: I was going home. But first I had to take an ambulance ride through the streets of South London and the M23, while lying down. I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this but I get car sick. As you already know, I was still feeling sick from the drugs so an ambulance journey did not really appeal. However it was the only option so I had no choice, and at least I got some painkillers and possibly even some anti-sickness drugs as well.

My mum was coming with me in the ambulance and we had managed to get some sick hats from the ward in readiness for our carsickness tendencies. We’d explained to the driver that I was fairly fragile and could he not drive too fast and he said he would try. I was then wheeled to the back door and helped into the ambulance, although it was actually a patient transport minibus.

Our first issue was that the ‘bed’ (actually a number of chairs on the side that converts into a sort of bed thing) could only be raised at one end (for my head). That would mean that I was travelling facing backwards, which is something that makes me feel more sick. So, we got all the pillows out of the storage compartment to raise my head so I could lie down the ‘right’ way. Wearing a hoodie was a mistake because I had to bunch the hood up under my neck to make it comfortable but apart from that I was ready to go. There may have been a blanket over me (probably not though) and I was strapped in. We left around 3.30/3.45.

Most of the journey was plain sailing. I think we listened to 5live where they were doing some review show (we had no choice, it was the driver’s decision, but it was a good one). It was rather bumpy through Brixton but I had sight of a clock so I could try to count down the minutes. There were roadworks on Handcross Hill (still are!) – I knew where we were at that point but apart from that I couldn’t see to tell where we were.

We hit a bit of traffic on the motorway but arrived home in one piece, around 5:50. I hadn’t really registered that I was wearing trainers with quite a high sole, so I tried to go into the downstairs loo and was like ‘look I’m too tall!’. We offered our driver a drink and a snack but he just went upstairs to our bathroom (he really was too tall to fit through the door to our downstairs one) and was on his way. I meanwhile flopped down into my mum’s rocking chair (which can lock so it doesn’t actually rock), which had become mine for my recovery, until my Spaghetti Bolognese was ready. I ate dinner, then relaxed in front of the TV, took my allotted painkillers and went to bed around 9. I also managed to call my friends Lara and Elspeth to catch up and tell them about my really bruised wrists and how I couldn’t even look at them! Sorry guys…

EVEN IF YOU LISTEN TO NOTHING ELSE I SAY, LISTEN TO THIS! It is a great idea to have a nice meal ready for when you get home, but it should really be something quite plain or a small portion. More importantly, stay away from too much sweetness and most importantly DAIRY PRODUCTS! Your body is still in turmoil!! My normal bedtime ritual includes a glass of milk and some biscuits. As I was getting back into normality, I decided to eat these, and was promptly sick – it was probably a combination of stress, relief and overindulgence.

Anyway, I was finally home, and hopefully I’ll be a bit more speedy with my next posts!


New posts soon!

Just a quick note to say that there will be new posts very soon (I just have to write them!). My ‘endless’ free time has been somewhat taken up this week by a mission with a local church.

Also, do follow my friend’s blog – it’s not scoliosis related but aims to make a difference by telling young people about topical issues – http://laurenellisuk.wordpress.com/