Bed Space 20: Monday 1st October 2012

I’ve made it to October!! Yes, I am back to updating you on my stay in hospital back in 2012, and Monday 1st October was my last day in hospital. Hooray! But first there are some events from Sunday night that I forgot to mention in my last post, namely the arrival of another, much smaller, patient. She must have been about 4 and was due to be admitted around 7pm, but I think she was late. Anyway, she was in the bed next to me and one of her parents stayed (I think her father because her pregnant mother stayed in Gassiot House and wasn’t impressed). I don’t actually know much about the little girl and she went down for some sort of surgery in the morning and was back fairly soon. She added meaning to the word sick bay just like everyone else, but then that could just have been her parents giving her ice cream. Other things that happened on Sunday that I forgot were managing to walk to the wet room and having a replacement nurse for Ellie called Melissa.

Anyway, back to me. I remember waking up and seeing the Stoptober graphic on a computer screensaver when walking past Charlotte (she had very cool Beats headphones as well). I didn’t know what Stoptober was until I got home, but a month to stop smoking is great! At some point I was invited to go down to the hospital school, but seeing as I was going home that day, I declined.

The final hurdle to going home was an X-ray, and Kim took me down in a wheelchair. It wasn’t very busy so they saw me pretty quickly and after manipulating me into standing correctly for the X-rays, we went back outside to wait and were given the pictures to take home (although I wouldn’t look at them). After taking me back up to the ward, Kim and Rachel washed my hair (and I had a bed bath, which is really weird!). To wash my hair, they had a special sink type thing to go under my head while I was lying down and then funnelled the water into a bucket rather than soaking my bed or making me get up and contort myself to wash my hair without soaking my back. It was amazing to have my hair washed, especially after such a long stay in hospital, and it was so much nicer than in a hairdressers because your head isn’t forced back. The smell of Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends (Red Raspberry and Silk Extracts) will always remind me of this!

I got dressed into some grey jogging bottoms and a T-shirt and got some lunch – chicken, pasta and peas. I didn’t eat much as I was worried about the journey home (I get car sick so I wasn’t sure how I would feel in an ambulance) and the food lady wanted to give me some more food, but I declined. By 1 o clock, Rachel had contacted patient transport, but we were told that we could be waiting 2 hours for them to come.

In readiness for my discharge, we deactivated the TV. My mum read a bit of Moondial to me and then we started to get bored. I listened to the little girl watching the Lingo Show on CBeebies, until she started being sick and they turned it off. The more seasoned parents like my mum held out their sick hats while myself and the other patients were probably trying not to join in. By 2:30 I was getting really tired (both of waiting and in sleep terms) so I lay down to try and relax. I feel asleep probably about 3, and around 3:30, the patient transport man arrived. After a wait for me to go to the loo, I was put into a wheelchair and wheeled over to the Moon lift. I waved goodbye to everyone, but most of the nurses were busy, and it wasn’t exactly a send off – but then they get this everyday.

I was finally going home, and I was very happy – next time I’ll tell you all about my journey home!


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