Bed Space 20: Sunday 30th September 2012

So, I am finally back to blogging about my operation! We left off on Saturday 29th September, when I had just witnessed the tragic finale for Amy and Rory on Doctor Who. Anyway, I woke up on Sunday 30th September I think at quite a reasonable time, although obviously there had been various awakenings overnight for medication. It was quite a nice day (I had a view out onto some trees but I could still see the sun), but first things first, a blood test was due.

As you know (if you don’t, read back!), I HATE needles and blood tests, so the idea of having another one didn’t give me much joy. However, it was a requirement for discharge, so I had to have it. The phlebotomist came up, possibly around ten, and my mum distracted me with her ‘The Lady’ magazine, which luckily had a ‘Find Fenton’ feature (much like where’s wally and based on the viral video that can be found here: I barely reacted to the woman taking my blood, especially compared to the previous times I’ve had blood tests, but hey, that’s where the drug cocktail comes in!

I’m pretty sure that shortly after that, the food lady came round to give me a KitKat. I had been in hospital 5 days, and no-one had told me that Dicolofenac has to be taken on a full stomach (well, maybe not full but you get what I mean). I don’t want to say that this explains all my sickness but it might!!! But annoyingly I was still being sick and I think was in fact sick that morning. I hadn’t been eating much though, so I was only really throwing up green bile which only succeeded in irritating my throat and maybe giving my stomach a bit of a reliever of some yuck. At least that occurrence happened on my way to the toilet so I was close to the best place and also some weird wheely chairs with holes in. I also got to use some of my prescription mouthwash, which made my mouth feel a lot cleaner! This happened at a shift change though, so I got lots of attention but also everyone was able to witness it!!

Anyway, I was really trying to get better, eat more and stuff. And I was also expecting my dad to come back up from home to see me, because he’d had to go home to go to work. However, it was a Sunday and he was getting the train: so he was delayed for ages! The train I think had ended up going to the wrong place to pick up passengers before going to the actual destination. But he arrived in the end and I was pleased to see him!

I was also visited by my aunt, Anne, who lives not far from the hospital. I was also pleased to see her, but I had unfortunately reached a point where I could only lie on my right hand side, so couldn’t see her for much of her visit (there were space for two chairs on one side, but only one on the side I was looking at). Once again, I can’t remember what we talked about, but it was very nice to see a different face (even though I spent a lot of time not being able to!).

You might have noticed that I haven’t really talked about food very much while I’ve been blogging about hospital. That’s because I cannot remember at all what I ate, when I ate, how much I ate, etc. I’ve literally got a mental block about food! Anyway, I do remember what I ate on Sunday (although whether it was lunch or dinner is another matter, they seemed to serve the same things). I had chicken which was meant to have a sauce but I didn’t want that. It was served with these great sliced potatoes – I think they were fried but they tasted AMAZING, and I really hope the food lady understood my love for her beautiful potatoes. There was also some peas and sweetcorn (I realise that sweetcorn is probably not the best choice for someone recovering from digestion issues). But I actually had some nice food in hospital, when I could actually eat it. Oh, and they also used the food trolley as bait to make me walk, because to get food I had to walk there!

The rest of the day was taken up by things like watching TV, as I managed to catch a bit of X Factor and make my predictions for who was going into the finals (my dad paid me for the ones I got right so I was quids in!). I think my mum also read some more of Moondial to me and I might have even read some of my own book (although it would have been a challenge, so I may not have). My fears of not going home the following day due to my earlier sickness episode were also alleviated by Sam.

Anyway, that’s a rundown of what happened on my penultimate day in hospital. My next post will not be on my hospital stay, but I will be posting it tomorrow, when all will be revealed. Please continue to read/follow/comment etc.


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