Searched: I cry every night from scoliosis

Usually I would just write the search term as my title, but I felt that the term ‘I cry every night from scoliosis’ might confuse people and make them think that’s a current thing for me, which it isn’t.

It is heartbreaking to think that there are people who are so desperate for help that they search such a personal thing, and I hope if you’ve been brought here through that search term that my blog has been a help (I promise that I’ll post much more once exams are done, and hopefully bring this up to date!)

Yes, I was once in the position of crying myself to sleep over my diagnosis and the surgical action I was told would be taken. I think it only stopped when I was told (wrongly) that I wouldn’t need surgery, and then probably about 6 months after being put on the waiting list because I had resigned myself to it. Obviously as surgery became imminent I started crying and worrying again.

But, please don’t think that scoliosis is the end of the world – I had surgery which I had absolutely dreaded and now I have the benefits of a straight spine and a more relaxed life because the worry about scoliosis has stopped. I think facing this challenge has increased my confidence a lot as well.

I’m not saying that crying every night is good, although it is good to have a cry now and again, and if it’s getting you down, speak to someone – a friend, family member or complete stranger who just happens to have gone through the same thing (like me!).

This has gone on really long, but I hope my spontaneous post has been helpful – please comment below or send a private comment/question through my about page and I’ll get back to you.

I will leave you with the promise of more op related posts by July and a list of some interesting pages I found from this search term:


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