Scoliosis and enema

Just a quick note, mainly because I have been looking at my stats. Firstly, no-one so far today who has read my blog is from the UK, which surprises me, and the most popular search term of the day (the only one in fact) is ‘scoliosis and enema’. So here I am talking about that.

I’m not going into detail on my experience in public because it repulses me. If you really want to know then you can use the contact form on my about page or comment and I can try to contact you privately (please provide an email, this will only go to me and then I can reply)

But, please be reassured, an enema is not a given in having surgery, but it can be likely. This is due to the drugs that you take which make you extremely constipated, which is made worse by the inactivity. They can’t discharge you until this is solved because it’s just not good for your health. Just please don’t think ill of the people who give you an enema because it’s their job. Besides, you’ll be so drugged up that you wont remember it in much detail.

A little spontaneous post there, and it’s slightly grim, so here’s a video of Arthur Darvill, Zrinka Cvitesic and Company performing Falling Slowly from Once, which is what I’ve been listening to while typing this!

That’s all for now! Join me next time where I should be talking about my penultimate day in hospital.


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