Bed Space 20: Friday 28th September 2012

By Friday, the boys were all going home, and so I was moved once again, this time to bed space 20. Ella and Charlotte would join me once they were back from surgery. This was much better than 16 because there was a built in TV so I could watch away to my heart’s content. The downside was that I had further to walk to the toilet when the physios came. It was quite late in the day though by the time I’d finally moved I think (my memory must have been massively addled by the drugs!).

Anyway, one of the first things I did was, you’ve probably guessed already, watch the TV. And it was great; the previous week’s Doctor Who (The Power of Three) was on repeat! I think there was a shift change during the episode but I was not being moved away from that screen, finally I’d found something good to occupy me. Next on was Miranda on repeat, which I had never seen before, but unfortunately they did want me to get out of bed by that point, so I only managed to see the second half of that episode.

Miranda was definitely a bit of a lifesaver during my stay – not only did we get to watch that episode, but we’d also downloaded her free book ‘No It’s Us Too’ onto my mum’s Kindle. When you think about it, the book isn’t actually by her, but contains a number of anecdotes about people doing silly things – you can probably still get it for free on Amazon and other e-book stores. Anyway, it was nice and cheery and kept my spirits up.

Compared to Thursday night, Friday night was a breeze, although I was having trouble with the medication side of things – after the vomiting started, they decided it would be best not to give me tablets (correct answer!) so I was having some lovely syringes (big ones) of blackcurrant-y flavoured diclofenac, and strawberry flavoured Calpol (which I didn’t realise at the time). This did require me to sit up though, which was a bit of a challenge, and I tried the patience of the nurses in my slow manner of getting upright enough!

The other issue was that I was finding it hard to lie on my right hand side (which is how I usually sleep) so had to resort to lying flat or on my left hand side, which was less comfortable. I can’t remember why I had such a problem sleeping in my normal position but I guess it might have been to do with my arm going a bit weird or maybe just my nerves.

Anyway, I’ll continue my story soon, but for now just like/follow/comment etc.


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