Scoliosis Blogs

Very exciting news! My blog is featured on – I don’t actually know what that is but someone (or a bot) has found my blog. It looks like the site is very new though – but yay! I’ve been found! Also, hello to Japan!

In tribute to me being found on the Scoliosis Blogs site, I will list some of the blogs I follow (I say some, because they’re all on different hosting sites which makes it REALLY hard to keep track!) It is in no particular order and some aren’t even necessarily about scoliosis but just people who have the condition (OK, I said no particular order but this is one of my favourites!) 🙂 – she had an operation shortly after me, so this blog also is one of my favourites – the author has scoliosis, but mainly it’s just posts on a Wednesday, which is great – This isn’t a scoliosis blog but a cooking/mental health blog, which I think is almost as relevant to me!


Wow, that turned out to be a long list! Thanks for ploughing through! 

I promise I will get back to posting about the post-op days very soon!


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