Bed Space 16 – Thursday 27th September 2012

Bed space 16 does not hold happy memories for me, which is sad because I love the number 16!

Soon after moving into my new area, the two girls having operations the next day were arriving – Ella (from Westminster) and Charlotte (from Dartford). They were lovely and I wish that I met them in better circumstances, or even been able to stay in touch – although we had different operations, it would’ve been nice to see how they were getting on, and maybe if you’re reading this girls, get in touch!!

Spending all day in bed makes it really difficult to remember what happened and what the sequence of events was, so I am going to try my best to describe things in the order I think they happened.

Sonia visits: My mum’s ex-colleague Sonia popped up to the ward, mainly to see my mum because I wouldn’t let her leave my side. Apart from that I can’t remember a thing about what she said to me, although she most likely said get well soon.

Thursday Evening: The over-bed television had been cruelly taken from me (because of moving beds) but they acquired a bright and colourful TV, which was larger than the others, but had the downside of being the only one, so we all had to watch the same thing. That didn’t massively bother me though, because I got to choose, being the illest, longest-standing person on the ward, and the one who asked for the TV in the first place. So, we watched You’ve Been Framed at about 7.30, which Ella and I found extremely funny (Charlotte was on the other side of the section and was busy doing her hair, so I don’t know what her reaction was). We then moved on to Waterloo Road at 8 (well, probably 5 to because I was anxious about missing the beginning!), but don’t ask me what the plot was! At some point, we also managed to catch some sort of news – it might have been proper news or maybe just a news update – and it was about the girl who ran off to France with her teacher, which I hadn’t heard about before because of being in my little hospital bubble. In turns out that nurse Kelly, who was on shift at the time, has a brother who was the headmaster (or something) of the school that they ran away from, so he was having a pretty stressful time!

The Night: OK, this was probably my lowest point in the whole hospital stay. I must start be apologising to Ami, firstly for probably spelling her name wrong, and secondly because she had to deal with me being massively ill. I really can’t remember much about this night but basically I was suffering from constipation, from the morphine, mixed with pain, and I had started being sick quite a lot. Luckily there was a vast supply of sick bowls, but my stomach had also extended, being full of air as well as normal stuff, and I looked pregnant. Because of being sick, I didn’t want to eat anything, which meant that the problems were not going away. I should probably also apologise to Ella and Charlotte for being such a disruptive and groany sleeper, because I wasn’t really promoting good health post operation!

Because of all these problems, it was decided that a doctor should come and have a look at me. I ended up with a quite newly qualified woman (we think) who woke me up in the middle of the night (that what it felt like anyway!) to do a finger-prick blood test, or actually two because my blood clotted a bit fast. I didn’t really mind this as it only really felt like someone has stapled my finger, and what I remember is just a whole load of people crowding round my bed. They ordered an X-ray for the following day and left me to my restless sleep.

I will end it there for now, on a cliffhanger I guess! Hopefully I won’t leave you waiting too long for the answers! Please like/comment/follow etc!


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