Wednesday 26th September: Waking Up

The first thing I remember after waking up is pain. Sorry, I wish it wasn’t because that’s very pessimistic.

Apparently, before my parents came to recovery, I was trying to get up and jump around (because I couldn’t feel anything!), I can’t think why though because I love sleep and lying in bed and stuff. By the time my parents arrived I reportedly kept saying ‘I want my mummy’ and she had to keep saying ‘I’m here!’ because it obviously wasn’t going into my brain that she was right beside me! Another thing I apparently said was ‘I want morphine, I want more morphine’ a lot because by that point the pain had kicked in.

I was hooked up to a machine which would administer morphine when I pressed a button, but only every six minutes and only a certain amount to prevent overdose. I can remember someone telling me that I could press the button for pain relief and press it I did! They said that while I was in recovery I pressed it 111 times – I think that was only in a couple of hours though! I believe Hazel, the pain nurse, was around and spoke to me about the morphine button – later on I told her how badly designed it was because there was a green circle around a light that went green when it was time for you to press it, however without glasses and in a groggy state, there’s no way you could tell it was ready.

I can’t remember very much else about recovery – I had oxygen through one of those special nose tubes, a monitor on my finger for oxygen sats and heart rate, and I have a feeling they left the blood pressure cuff on my arm. Oh, and I was catheterised, so that was quite a weird feeling at first, and annoying when I had to move because the tube was taped to my leg. My parents were there, but I can barely remember seeing them, but they brought Elizabear with them so I had someone to cuddle.

I think it was around 5/6pm by the time I was taken back up to Lizard ward. They hooked me up to a portable oxygen canister which said Oxygen on the side, I think it was in Helvetica font. To be honest I didn’t really need the oxygen but it was good to have it anyway. 

My next post will be about returning to the ward and my first night after my operation, so stay tuned for that! Please comment/follow/read on!


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