Wednesday 26th September: Going Under

Operation day was finally here. I declined the possibility of having a final meal at 2am, so I was woken up at 6am to have a drink and another shower. I did actually have an alright sleep, probably due to the drugs though! I had to change into a gown, which is really weird when it is literally all you’re wearing, but by this point I had probably given up caring. It was then time to get back into bed and have another pre-med, as well as some obs. My dad had come back from Gassiot Lodge (I doubt he’d had much sleep) and I was able to see him, and I think we might have read a bit more of Moondial. They also put EMLA cream on my hands, which I hated, but at least I was pretty docile by then.

Just before going down for surgery

Just before going down for surgery

By 7am it was time for me to go down to Level 2 (Forest) where the operating theatre was. I was taken down by a lovely male nurse called Sam, who at that point I didn’t really like because I hadn’t seen him before and he was just there wheeling me down to surgery, not even looking like a nurse (I think he was working in a different department that day); also I was very drugged up. I was able to take Elizabear with me for comfort, and both my parents, and soon enough we were in the anaesthetic room.

I can’t remember much of the room to be honest, I have vague memories of going down in a lift and along a corridor to get there. It was a bit of a claustrophobic room in my mind, my bed took up most of the space, but there was enough room for my parents to sit on one side of me and the anaesthetists on the other. I was incredibly scared about the canula, so I was pleasantly surprised when the woman offered to administer anaesthetic through a face mask. I don’t know why they made the decision to do it that way, especially because of my age, but I am very grateful!

She gave me this mask and told me to hold it over my mouth and nose and asked me what flavour I thought it was. I had no clue and when she told me it was vanilla I said “It doesn’t smell like maths” because my maths room used to smell like vanilla. I was asked to count but I didn’t get very far. Apparently I just suddenly went and they asked my mum if she wanted to kiss me goodbye and then my parents left and I went into surgery.

You will be pleased to know that I woke up safely, so my next post will be about waking up in recovery. Please comment/subscribe/get in touch!


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