September 2012: Paralympics and Pre-op 2

On 8th September 2012 we went to the Paralympics to watch the Athletics. I may have already explained that we had booked some Paralympics tickets just in case my operation clashed with the Olympics so that I didn’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity but in the end we were able to do both! We started our day much like when we went to the Olympics, getting the train to Victoria, although I think we had lunch before we left this time. We went straight to Stratford but rather than going to the Olympic Park, we went to the ‘new’ Westfield shopping centre. It was pretty busy, and quite impressive as it was all new and something designed to show off to all those visiting London for the Olympics especially. We didn’t shop, but after browsing went up to the restaurant area. I seem to remember that it wasn’t a normal time for people to have food but they were all busy and some had massively long waits. We managed to find a table in Pizza Express with only a short wait and although the tables were a little close together, we had a nice meal of pizza and then moved on to the Olympic Park. We still had time when we got there so we managed to explore a bit more, ending up outside the real largest McDonalds in the world (see my post on the Olympics if you don’t get my point!).

We eventually made our way into the Olympic Stadium, and it is pretty impressive. We weren’t as high as we were in the Aquatics Centre and it was a really great atmosphere, especially being able to see both track and field events. The great thing about seeing Athletics is that you get to watch loads of events and see lots of medal ceremonies all in one night, and Paralympic Athletics has so many different events as well. We heard a lot of the Russian national anthem and no Brits came anywhere near a bronze but we still enjoyed it. We did have to leave before the end though, as we had a train to catch, so we missed Oscar Pistorius in what was possibly one of his last races. We weren’t too bothered though, and overall it was a really enjoyable day!

Now, the Tuesday after the Paralympics signalled another trip to London – my second pre-op. This is another event I can’t remember much about and that was probably because I really didn’t want it to happen. We’d got quite a late appointment so I went into college until 11ish. I started with a free lesson but I really didn’t want any time to think, so spent it helping the librarians put books away in the school library. I had my second lesson, History, and then went to the first session of Christian Union. It was all very welcoming and I was very annoyed that I had to miss the end in order to go up to London.

Anyway, we got the train, did our walk to the hospital, waited around (no x-rays this time though), and then were ushered into the consulting room. Mr Lucas, my surgeon, examined me, went through the risks and benefits of surgery, and then it was time to sign the consent forms. To be honest this is quite a weird experience – you are signing a form agreeing to be operated on and go through all the hardship of that, I mean, nobody wants to do that. But the whole point is that you’re allowing them to carry out the procedure so nothing bad happens in later life, and consenting to the risks involved. Still, it’s a weird feeling, especially as consent for 16 year olds is a bit up in the air – do we get to consent or is it the parents, what if they disagree etc. I did sign the form, as did my mum, so it was all going to go ahead…scary stuff!

Seeing as you’re relying on my memory, I can’t tell you what happened next, but what I can tell you is the majority of what happened when I was actually admitted to hospital. I have no idea when these posts will be written or indeed published, but I will try to get them out soon, because that’s evidently the reason I’m writing this! Please like/comment/follow and thank you so much for reading.


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