2012: Starting Sixth Form

OK, so if you are observant I am getting very close to writing my post about my operation, as I have reached September 2012! But before I get onto the scary bit, here’s a bit about what we did before operation day.

I will just briefly talk about results day. Now, this had happened before my pre-op but I didn’t really want to detract from that day in the post, and it was also already VERY long! Anyway, results day 2012 for GCSEs was on Thursday 23rd August. I was taken in by my parents, and I have suddenly realised that I cannot remember much of it at all…I think this is mainly because I have had a number of results days so the memory has been replaced by that of AS Level results day!! Oops…! It doesn’t matter really anyway, basically I was really nervous, I picked up my results, they were all As and A*s and I was really pleased (However I did want an A* in History and this was not the case which saddened me a bit).

Now, after this I think we had a family meal planned or something in the evening, but first I went to Marocco’s for ice cream (not Morocco as a lot of non-local people think, Marocco’s is the name of a seaside ice cream place) with most of my church youth group. That was really great, we’d all done well and shared news of our results and it was great to see people after the long holiday (Although some of us had met the day before to go and see Brave at the cinema, but it’s always nice to see friends!) Then there was a deviation from the original plan, as my friend Lara had invited us all over for a celebratory meal, which was really lovely. So, after the stress of waiting for results, it was a really great day. (OK, this was not very brief)

Anyway, into September! It’s quite a sad month anyway as it’s the start of school again and there’s no more summer, and obviously I had the added pleasure of waiting for an operation! However before that I did at least get a chance to start off my time at sixth form (even if I was staying in the same school). Now, there’s not all that much I can say about this, it is all much the same as school except being in your own clothes and teachers try to persuade you that you should buy your own notebooks (hardly anyone does and they’re still being provided!). There were a few new people, but I mainly stuck with people I knew from before – it saved explaining why I was disappearing for a month just a few weeks into term. This is one of those posts where I sort of think, why did I not write at the time? But, oh well, I didn’t so you’re stuck with my confused and random ramblings!

There will be one more post before the operation stuff, about my second pre-op and the Paralympics, so stay tuned for that, please comment/follow etc!


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