Spain and Waiting for the Date: August 2012

I think I’m on a roll in terms of posts (writing them not actually posting them, I apologise dear reader!), so here is a non-extensive account of the next fun event in summer 2012 – our family holiday to Spain. We flew out on Sunday 12th August, the morning after a wedding (we had to leave the evening thing early and missed the food!), and got a taxi to the airport, I believe it was at quite a civilised time as well. When we got to the airport we checked in, went through security and then got some lunch from Jamie’s Italian (although it’s not really Italian). In years gone by there would’ve been in flight meals, but they seem to have got rid of them unless you’re long haul or going to Lapland.

Anyway, being a nervous flyer I didn’t really want to eat much, so I just had some funky chips – basically chips with garlic and herbs I think. They were pretty nice, but small compared to both parents having proper meals. That didn’t matter though, because I definitely didn’t want to feel full and anxious on the flight. However, once we got going I was fine, my mum also gave me a bit of Brandy and Ginger Ale which helps!

We’ve been to Spain so many times it’s actually quite hard to distinguish between trips, but we always get a coach/minibus/taxi transfer to the hotel and a free glass of something when we arrive. I remember that the Olympic Closing Ceremony was on when we arrived, and the street was filled with the voice of Emile Sande. We were able to watch a little bit of it on TV (it was about 10pm but 9pm in the UK) then we went downstairs to have a little bit of food – the food is lovely, there’s a buffet every night where you can just have whatever you want and it all tastes amazing!

A typical day on holiday in Nerja (that’s where we were) for us is having breakfast; chilling by the pool reading a book and occasionally swimming; having lunch either in the pool bar or from the corner shop; having a siesta; watching Pointless or playing cards; having dinner; the occasional walk; watching TV from the UK; and going to bed. It’s all very relaxing and calm.

One part of the holiday which was not relaxing was trying to access emails via the computer to get a new date for my pre-op appointment. Although they’d phoned us with the date, it was during our holiday, and so it had to change – we’d been told that was fine, but we had no idea what date it was going to be. This really worried me, because I still didn’t want it to be real. Anyway, a few days into our holiday we went down to the foyer after a siesta and logged onto the internet. Apart from an issue with the keyboard and the @ button, we all checked our emails (and Facebook) and there was a confirmation of the pre-op date, although I seem to remember phone calls were also involved.

Although we were able to enjoy the rest of our holiday, I was now counting down to the 28th August, my first pre-op date. First? Yes, normally people only have one pre-op, however because we changed the date of mine, my consultant was now on holiday when they’d scheduled it, so we were given another date (11th September) to speak to him and sign the forms.

Anyway, that’s my family holiday to Spain, in which I read many books, and found out my pre-op date. I promise that my pre-op post will be up very soon (I actually wrote it before this one, and wow, it was a hard write!), so keep reading/commenting/following etc. Thank you! 


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