Search Terms that have led you to my blog!

So, I had a little look at the search terms that people have used to find my blog over time. The most popular by far is ‘scoliosis evelina’ and variants (i.e. st thomas’ or with extra detail) – it has been searched 78 times! The second most popular is to do with the Sunday Times article I blogged about with 24 searches. The next one on the list was ‘one direction scoliosis’ – originally I thought maybe a member of One Direction had scoliosis or something, but it’s probably just someone searching for information about scoliosis which only goes in one direction! However, my post about going to see One Direction is one of the top posts, as well as some fan fiction, so maybe that’s not the best search term for scoliosis!

Another one on the list is ‘break apart the word scoliosis’ – I assume that this is someone wanting to know where the word comes from. I looked it up and it says “New Latin, from Greek skoliōsis crookedness of a bodily part, from skolios First Known Use: circa 1706”. So that answers your question, whoever you two people who searched that were!

Another question searched is ‘does everyone that has scoliosis have to get surgery’ – the answer is NO! Firstly, you never have to do anything, even if it is advised. But it may not even get to that point – that is the point of watchful waiting, so that they can monitor changes and get an idea about whether the curve is going to progress. However I must stress that if you are diagnosed with scoliosis you should certainly be monitored by a scoliosis SPECIALIST. Your GP should be able to sort this, but it can be good to check the person you are referred to just by googling them (it could be that they are nearby but only specialise in the general field). A lot of people have to have surgery but a lot don’t, and I’ve done a whole project on treating scoliosis – for more information please comment and I can get in touch!

‘Mr Lucas scoliosis’ and variants is also a popular search term, and it’s great to see people searching for information on their potential surgeon – I can recommend him greatly. What I am really pleased about is that 3 people have actually googled my blog name! Mine! It’s amazing to think that people actually want to read what I’m writing!!

Random searches include ‘interesting news articles’ (cool!) and ‘cat scan mock tests’ (I assume someone had a cat test coming up and just clicked on the first prediction from google), there were also a few which were exactly the titles of some of my posts (bit weird) and one asking what time the scan bit in a&e at st thomas’ opens (I have no clue, good luck with finding that out).

And finally somebody searched ‘the Sunday Post scoliosis’. What I found when I searched that is far more inspiring that I am – there’s an article about a girl called Sophie Equi who had a long operation to correct her curve and is now training to be a doctor. You can read the whole story here:

I didn’t expect this post at all,  but I hope the search terms have enlightened you, and I will post more about my scoliosis journey very very soon. If you’ve found my blog through one of these links then please comment and say which one!


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