Olympic Torch Relay

I want to talk briefly about the Olympic Torch Relay – something I actually forgot to even think about when planning my posts. However it is important as it was one of the first times that I realised that my anxiety was getting worse. 

It was 16th July 2012, and the torch was coming to Brighton and Hove. I’d been watching the torch cam all morning while it was travelling through Portsmouth, and by around 6 (can’t remember the exact time) we’d headed out to The Drive to wait for the relay to come past. One of the problems with anxiety is feeling like you need the loo, and that was how I felt as soon as we arrived. 

I didn’t want to stand still so ended up sitting on a wall while we were waiting. We’d got there quite early to get a good view and waiting stresses me out. But my parents were quite annoyed with me, and that annoyed me because I wanted to enjoy it all. Samsung came along and gave us some blow up things that you bang together to make loads of noise to ‘cheer’ them on.

Anyway, there were loads of buses and people beforehand – Coca Cola, Lloyds TSB, Samsung, the Police, Help for Heroes etc. And then, almost in a flash, the torch went past, carried by runner number 126 (don’t know who she was) and the four ‘guards’ (I recognised them from torch cam so they were more famous than the runner!). She was followed by the torch relay bus with some other torchbearers in it, and then everyone dispersed.

In the end I was fine, I relaxed and enjoyed the experience, but I went home feeling worried about my worrying even more. 

So, that’s it for now, I will be back very soon, thank you for reading, and here’s a photo of the Torch Relay – maybe someone can tell me who the woman is!



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