Summer 2012 Part 1

So, I’m not sure what’s happened with my big push on posts, but here’s another one. I thought I’d talk about my summer, but that might be a bit long for one post (it was almost 3 months!) so I’ll do two (or three)!

Anyway, as you know, exams finished on 15th June. We didn’t have to go back to school, because what could we do? So we had a LONG summer. For the first few weeks after exams, I slept in, watched TV, filled my time with stuff, although I can’t comprehend what I did all day! But in the first week of July, I got out of the house and went to do work experience at my old Primary School. I’d already done this in Year 10, but I enjoyed it, and it’s always nice to go back so I organised this myself.

I started on July 3rd, which was a Tuesday (there was an INSET day on the Monday) in Year 2 (for anyone outside the UK, that’s age 6-7). I didn’t have to do loads, just help them out a bit with whatever they were doing, but it was still good. I helped with them on the Wednesday as well. While I was there they did Numeracy (bar charts about favourites), Literacy (stories based on a book about mermaids) and some Reading (science books, home reading books etc), among other things I really can’t remember!! (I have just found some stuff I wrote about it, and apparently I helped with their topic work). I also went to the Church Assembly on the Wednesday morning, which was lovely.

On the Thursday I was in Reception Class (age 4-5, first year at school). They had a supply teacher for the first half, where they did Music (If I were a butterfly – loved that song), the teacher also taught them a bit of sign language! Most of Reception though is about learning through play, so I spent some of my time on the floor helping to build a castle (then almost singlehandedly putting it away), and some more of my time outside helping with Lego. My last day was spent in Year 4, where everything was much more structured. I did a spelling test for some of the less able children, helped with cutting in Science (planets), and I think they must have done some reading too.

Another great thing about Primary School is ‘topics’ – this is basically a mix of History and Geography (well, it was), with other subjects linked in some way to the ‘topic’ too: some of the topics I did were China, the Tudors, WWII and the Caribbean. In Year 4 they were doing Monster Intelligence (? – be aware it was nearing the end of term), which was probably quite science based, but maybe they looked at the history of spies or geography? Anyway, to finish of the week, there was a Star of the Week Assembly, where people from each class were awarded star of the week for good behaviour, work, improvement etc. I also watched the soundmakers concert (the whole class get to learn new instruments and then do a performance). AND Golden Time, which has really changed, I mean, everyone has it TOGETHER, it seems just like an extra playtime.

Whilst searching for something completely different, I came across this photo of me which was taken after one of my days on work experience. You can really see how curved my back had become, especially as I don’t think I’m bending either of my legs.

My Back July 2012

My Back July 2012

The evening after I finished the week I went to Sorted by the Sea, a Christian Youth Event, which was really good – you can see my notes here ( The day after that was my dad’s birthday, celebrated by going to the garden centre, which is one of my favourite shops because it sells EVERYTHING – food, craft stuff, stationary, cds, dvds etc. Then went babysitting on my own for the first time, a bit scary but rewarding (and they are so cute and well behaved!). And then on the Sunday: church and then my youth group movie night ‘Switched On’ in the evening, we watched Enchanted, which was as good as I remembered. Also wrote a letter to JK Rowling – apparently she writes back (she did!).

So that was that week, a somewhat untypical week in my summer. Apart from that, I’m at a loss for what else I did! But, a couple of weeks later it was Year 11 Prom. I have a feeling that I haven’t talked about it yet, but I’ll be brief – basically there were loads of people dressed up, a rubbish DJ, and small amounts of food. It was in Pangdean Barn, which is lovely, and it was a nice way to say goodbye to everyone. It was fun, overall, even though I was brought and picked up by my parents, alone – unlike most other people.

That sounded kind of bitter, but anyway, around a week later I was off to…BREDON!!!! Except this post has gone on forever, so I’ll stop here, and talk about that next time! Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below!


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