Prom Preparation

So, I’d had a CT scan, and we were playing the waiting game. You already know that this goes on for a while, but for me every day that went by, we could get a letter about it. I’d also worked out that we needed two weeks notice before the pre-op appointment, which was usually six weeks prior to surgery, giving us an eight week period to prepare from the day we heard about it.

As it got to March, we were sure that the operation would not take place until after my GCSE exams in June – they’d said that already but I thought there may have been a slight chance that it could be before. But that still put my attendance at prom at risk – it wasn’t until 19th July. That didn’t stop me buying my dress though, we decided that even if I couldn’t go, I could at least be ready to go, and get a lovely dress out of the whole experience.

Prom dress shopping is a lengthy, stressful procedure. We started in February, while on holiday in Bournemouth, where we went to Beales, House of Fraser, Monsoon, I can’t even remember where else! I think I spent more time in Wilkinson (lovely shop, but none near where I live!) buying my friend Jenny a birthday present, because I was missing her birthday party.

Anyway we got home, tried many more shops, and eventually someone suggested BHS because they had got some bridesmaids dresses there. I didn’t like any of them, but I did find a lovely dress in the petite section of their website. One click, and £40ish later, we’d ordered it. We got free delivery and £10 off because I bought some tights so that we spent over £50. It arrived, it fitted, and it was settled, I’d found my dress.

A small word about the dress. I was very particular, especially due to my back. It couldn’t be backless (for obvious reasons), it needed to come in at the waist (because I like that style), and disguise my mismatched hips (the waist style would help). Then there was colour to think about – I needed to like it and it needed to work with my complexion.

Now I’d got the dress, I needed the shoes and a bag to go with it. So we went to Clarks, we went to Schuh, we went to Shoe Zone, we went to Debenhams, we went to every single shop that had ever sold shoes in our local area. We ended up in New Look’s shoe basement. I didn’t want heels, because I wouldn’t be able to walk in them. We almost ruled out pumps because they never fit me. We were left with flip flops (NO!!), or sandals. We’d given up finding a coloured shoe to go with the dress, so finally went for some black and silver sandals, with no heel and one of the thinnest soles known to man. I could walk in them though, and they only cost about £15.

Luckily the bag was easy. I didn’t want a clutch, and I only needed it to be big enough to hold some money and a phone. We actually found one for £3 in cheap shop QS (aka Store Twenty One), a bright pink bag with a long strap which also detaches.

Anyway, I was all ready for prom, and I will leave it there for now, because I’ve probably bored some of you with all my talk about clothes and shoes! I will write about prom but for now, thanks for reading and I’d love a comment.


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