CT Scan and Mock Exams

So, you are happily enjoying a lovely influx of new posts – it wont last, the internet was down when I wrote this, and I had nothing else to pass the time. This post will start a little random, because who can write a substantial blog entry about a CT scan, and also I like giving a bit of background to events.

It was December 2011, and I had won a Commitment Award at school. The Awards Evening was held at the Brighton Dome on a Monday and everyone involved got the day off to rehearse – I was also playing the violin and singing in the musical section. Anyway, we did the rehearsal and I received my memory stick on the night without falling over. For that bit I didn’t even have to worry about what to wear because it was school uniform. For the second half, I changed into my black top and skirt, which showed that my hips were uneven but didn’t really bother me too much, and went up to perform. I ended up playing in string group and then immediately coming off stage and going to sing Bohemian Rhapsody, I believe that was the order anyway. Neither went too badly, except I forgot most of the dance moves for the latter – it was all a bit last minute, but if the music department is reading, it was really fun.

Anyway, after this evening of busyness, we were all rewarded with a day off – but this was not a free day for me, my mock exams started on the Wednesday! We didn’t do every GCSE exam we’d do in the summer but we did a fair number, crammed into about the space of a week. I did very well, especially as once I had finished the following Wednesday, my bonus day off on the Thursday was…you’ve guessed it, a trip to St Thomas’!

Don’t mistake the above enthusiasm for excitement. I wasn’t as nervous as I had been for the MRI, but I still didn’t quite know what would happen inside the machine – for a start the MRI and CT machines look different. Anyway, it was just me and my mum this time, and we got the train up and walked to the hospital, just like we do every single time. Except the CT scan was not at the Evelina, it was in the Accident and Emergency department of the main hospital St Thomas’. We walked through the A&E waiting room, which wasn’t particularly full as it was a Thursday, and I was very impressed with their shoe-shop-style take a number and wait system (I know this is probably not exclusive to shoe shops, but that’s where I know it from).

The X-ray/CT scan part was deserted, so we didn’t have a long wait. As with the MRI, I had brought leggings and worn a T-shirt, which was fine except I hadn’t noticed the tiny sequins {what are they called} on the front. We ummed and ahhed with the radiologist, who we’d encountered before in the Evelina (I don’t think she remembered us!), but decided that I’d better wear a gown instead to be on the safe side, but at least I had the leggings to keep my legs warm!

I had brought my toy rabbit, French Rabbit, again, so he went into the room with me, but because of the radiation my mum had to wait outside. The machine for a CT scan is literally a donut, rather than something cave-like like the MRI, but apart from that it’s pretty much the same. I also couldn’t keep my hands by my sides, because they would obstruct the picture of my back that we needed, so there was a special bit on the bed-thingy (don’t know what it’s called) where you put your hands, basically above your head. Rabbit obviously was being held tightly there as well.

The whole process was over pretty quickly, about 5 or 10 mins, but I did get a sensation that I was about to fall backwards, probably because of where my hands were. We left via the gift shop (main hospital, the A&E doesn’t sell mugs with ‘I went to A&E’ on them!) and bought a bauble for the Christmas tree and browsed the cuddly toys – once I knew I was having surgery, I asked for a new one to make the occasion less scary (I was 15 but toys are very comforting during hard times). We went back to the train station via Rymans, where I bought a birthday present for my friend and a Things to Do list for myself. I can’t remember what we did for lunch though – M&S?

Well I think I have proven myself wrong, this is pretty much all a blog post about a CT scan, so I am going to stop typing, and you can have a breather, because my next posts will be less operation orientated – and then you’ll get the big ones. As always thank you for reading, and please comment if you want.


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