Confirmation of Surgery

So, last time I posted about my appointment, I’d just been told no surgery. Therefore I’d had a nice summer and enjoyed myself. By mid-August I had started worrying about my appointment in September, but this had happened for the previous appointment too, so nothing new there.

On Tuesday 13th September, I had the day off school and we headed off to St Thomas’ Hospital, or rather the Evelina Children’s Hospital on the same site. Having the day off meant that I was nervous about it, as the appointment wasn’t until 2pm, and I remember watching Glee I think the night before, as a treat. Anyway, we got the train, probably ate some food, and got to the hospital in plenty of time, as usual. Due to limited waiting space at X-Ray, they keep you in the large, open waiting area for outpatients (Ocean) before sending you up there, which we were fine with. From what I can remember, we went to X-Ray around 2.15 (I could be wrong, it may have been earlier!) and the situation up there was very busy – there weren’t enough chairs for a start. Whilst waiting, we met a lovely little boy called Jamie and his mum, who had been waiting for around an hour. This is especially poignant because I later saw Jamie in the information booklet about treatment options, and for someone still in primary school, to go through a brace and possibly surgery is extremely commendable.

Anyway, when we heard he had waited an hour, we thought “That won’t happen to us”, bearing in mind my dad was waiting downstairs while me and my mum were at X-ray and he would wonder where we’d got to. Nevertheless, around an hour later we were send round to change and they did the X-rays. We then headed back downstairs, and it was pretty busy. Not a nurse to be seen, I handed my back from X-ray card to one of the receptionists – BIG MISTAKE. We wondered after a little while why we were still waiting, and by 4pm we still hadn’t been called. On inquiring, it turns out I was never registered as back from X-ray, although why they didn’t check up why it had apparently taken two hours too do the X-rays I will never know.

Finally, after a long time waiting, and me getting a bit distressed, a lovely physio (I think she was called Anita) called me in and we saw a different registrar from last time. He looked at my X-rays and did the usual physical checks and said that the curve had got worse and that they’d need to operate. I cried at this point, and he was reasonably unimpressed, wanting me to calm down. He gave us an information pack and left us to talk to the kind physio (well actually he just left us, and the physio wanted to help us out and have a calmer chat).

Anyway, the physio answered a few questions and was pretty sympathetic – I think she understood my situation a lot more, as I had just started year 11 and GCSEs were coming up in May. I was also already planning going to summer camp (Bredon, which I mentioned in the last post), which looked less likely after this news. While talking to the physio, I actually stopped crying and was able to ask a couple of questions – although I cannot remember at all what they were!). Once we let the physio go back to work, we went home via WHSmith, where I bought a copy of Harry Hill’s Bumper Book of Bloopers.

Once on the train and at home, I felt OK, but by bedtime I was distraught again – this would continue for many weeks. I returned to school the next day, starting with maths. I want to make an apology at this point, to my friend Laura, who asked me how the appointment went. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell her, firstly because it was in a lesson, two because there were others listening, and also because I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone myself. This was a big thing for me, as I am scared of needles and practically everything medical – I didn’t fancy missing school either.

So, thanks for reading and please comment if you relate or have any questions.


2 thoughts on “Confirmation of Surgery

  1. i totally get where you’re coming from. it’s really hard to hear that kind of news. when i first found out that i have a curved spine and that it was progressing, i felt like the world just crashing on me, and it is something that you can’t really move on from because it’s a part of you. i look forward to your updates, i hope you’re carrying on very well in school and your life.
    my other blog about my personal experience in scoliosis is should you want to check it out.

    • It’s so nice to know that there are other people who are going through completely the same stuff as me, when it all happens you think you’re all alone. I think what made it worse for me is that I’d had an appointment where it seemed it was all OK, and of course it wasn’t! But obviously I would never go back and not have it, because I can see the benefits now.
      I am planning to post some more soon, and hope to be up to date by September when I will be one year post-op. I am following your blog, and hope you are also recovering well and continuing with life in a good way.

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