May 2011 Appointment at the Evelina

I am actually writing this post in my English lesson (I’ve finished my coursework so thought I’d use my time in a computer room for all you lovely people). I apologise in advance for it being a bit formal, am in English writing mood!

On 10th May 2011 I returned to the hospital to get the results of the MRI and decide what the next step would be. Once again I was very nervous and apprehensive, I also had a lot on my mind – an old friend, Declan, had died two days beforehand and he was my age so obviously I was very upset (I will write a special post about him soon so bear with me). This was my first visit to the Evelina Children’s Hospital and I was pretty impressed – I am a big fan of the themed hospital levels approach to children’s hospitals (it goes from Ocean to Sky so we get a whole spectrum of colour schemes and animal decorations)

ANYWAY, we were sent up to X-ray and had to wait around for a bit before they actually could take the X-rays – the floor was called Arctic if you were wondering. When they were finally done we went back down to Ocean reception and handed in the ‘Back from X-ray’ card. After some MORE waiting, an unfamiliar man came out and called me in. He was one of Dr Lucas’ registrars. We were ushered into the room (I apologise, I’m going all formal!) and he said that the curve was stable and I wouldn’t need surgery. I was so happy!

St Thomas' Hospital May 11

St Thomas’ Hospital May 2011

To celebrate we went to M&S Simply Food in St Thomas’, which was becoming a tradition and sat on the grass by South Bank, opposite parliament. I can’t remember what I ate (probably ready salted crisps, cheese, chocolate mini bites, that sort of thing) but it was a nice day and I took a few photos with my dad’s phone – including a ‘guess where I am’ one in the WHSmith. I’m pretty sure this was the time I was bought a pack of Doctor Who Series 5 Top Trumps. All in all it was a pretty good day in hindsight.

We walked across Westminster Bridge and my euphoria turned bittersweet. Declan was dead and I was happy – it really didn’t sit well with me. However I do love Westminster Bridge, it is featured in the opening episode of Doctor Who series 1 (and now in Series 7 too) and a climactic place in Noel Clarke’s film, which I had recently discovered and love (despite the weirdness). I cannot for the life of me remember what we did next but probably got the train home.

The good thing was I could enjoy my summer – there’ll be a couple of random posts after this 🙂


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