MRI and seeking alternatives

Hello! I’ve been really bad at updating this, but college has to come first and I’ve still had this massive cold!!

So, I said AGES ago that I’d write about my MRI next so I’ll do that in a minute but first I should fill you in on the alternative treatments we looked at.

1. Chiropractic – a friend recommended the local chiropractor so at about this time two years ago we booked an appointment and went down. I was extremely nervous and the place was very alternative, so the combined scent of incense and an odd video sent me over the edge and I threw up outside on the main road. The people were very good about it, although their solution was to give me rescue remedy mixed with water, which didn’t help me at all. Once I’d calmed down, we actually saw the chiropractor, who looked at me and said that he couldn’t help me. Instead he gave us some information on the Scoliosis SOS clinic, where you have an intensive exercise programme for 4 weeks and continue these exercises for life. At that point, the main reason I was against surgery was missing school, and so this option wasn’t any better. We never returned to the chiropractor, except to give him some X-rays which confirmed that he couldn’t do anything.

2. Alexander Technique – If you haven’t heard of this, look it up. I started this with my mum, and once a week we would spend half an hour (I think, not sure) practising lying down techniques with the expert, and also walking. The main idea was to train our muscles so that we have good, straightish posture. It’s not proven to work but some say they had results

SO, they were the alternatives, but obviously they didn’t work.

On to the MRI. I had my MRI on Friday 8th April 2011, the first day of my Easter holiday. I had been stressed about it for a while, and the night before I was looking it up online and found that some people needed a canula to administer contrast dye – that scared me because I am petrified of needles! So I tried to find my appointment letter to find out if it applied. I didn’t find it but I did find a letter from my doctor about a tetanus jab I didn’t know about – my mum wasn’t planning to tell me until the 19th April, the day of the jab! I shouldn’t have been being nosy I guess, but it had my name on it and I felt I had a right to know.

ANYWAY, on to the MRI day. We got the train up – I was extremely nervous because obviously it’s a new thing, you’re not allowed to move and you’re in an enclosed space. Luckily I had my old toy rabbit (excitingly named ‘French Rabbit’) and a CD to keep me calm. We arrived and found the department (as I was 15 it was done in St Thomas’, which I had never been to before), filled in the forms and I got ready. I planned my clothes meticulously, making sure there was no metal in them (leggings and a T-shirt) meaning that I didn’t have to wear a horrible gown. The other patients also seemed more nervous than me, they were all older and probably a bit more ill too.

Then we went in. I lay down on the bed, probably more like a plank, and they put a thing under my knees to help my blood circulation. They also tried to put a thing over my head to keep it still but I couldn’t  breathe properly so they put something under my head, meaning the restraint wouldn’t fit – much more comfortable! I had headphones and my mum rubbing my foot, a panic button in one hand and rabbit in the other. The operators were very nice and I could listen to my music. I was uncomfortable and daunting at first but it didn’t take too long and afterwards I think we went shopping, which was good. Unfortunately this was two years ago (ALMOST TO THE DAY!) so my memory isn’t great but it really wasn’t as scary as I’d expected.

I have written FAR too much on this post so I will leave you now, if you have any questions please comment below, and I promise to write more soon!!


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