First Trip to London

Hi, sorry I’ve not written anything for a while – I’ve had a massive cold and general busyness at college and stuff.

Today I’d like to write about my first trip to London to meet my consultant – Mr Lucas. This was on 14th January 2011 and we had to go to Guy’s Hospital due to some sort of mix up meaning we had to go private for the appointment.

We started off at Hove station and got the train to Haywards Heath, where we had to change and get a train to London Bridge. This was a commuter train with seats packed together so much that I was literally touching knees with the businessmen opposite. To make matters worse, I now know that we could have caught that train from Brighton Station, meaning we would have had a much better seat and a less stressful journey.

We arrived at the hospital and set about finding the building we were meant to go to. If you’ve ever been to Guy’s, you’ll know that it is a bit of a maze and doesn’t particularly look like a hospital (I walked through it once with my friend whilst on our way somewhere). We found it but then were told we’d found the wrong entrance (don’t worry, they let us in). Our appointment was at 10:30 but, as expected, it was late. Whilst waiting, in some uncomfortable chairs, we looked through some newspapers, where the front page was about the Brit Awards nominees, like Tinie Tempah.

We were sent in finally (probably around 12!) and had to give another medical history, followed by an examination and his plan of action. One thing I can remember is that I was wearing my cross necklace, which I had just started wearing the weekend before and have worn almost every day since then. I also remember trying not to cry as he explained the risks of surgery and that I was likely to have it soon, possibly a year’s time.

Once the appointment was over we were sent down to X-ray, before which I pretty much collapsed crying on to my dad, then cried in the lift and whilst changing into the silly gown. I stopped during the X-ray though and had a nice chat to the man doing them while he processed the plates – this was a new thing for me as they don’t have that system in my local hospital. I have just recently found out that those X-rays cost £150 (because we were private customers at that point), which shows how much it costs the NHS! The consultation was £200 as well!!

All that was left for us to do was get some M&S Simply Food and get the train directly home. We then went to the nearby shops, debated whether to see my grandma (we didn’t) and went home, where I was fine until bedtime when I broke down again. Crying became a big thing for me over the next few months, actually more like years, some nights I was up til midnight because I was so upset. Luckily it was my birthday in March and I cheered up because I saw the X Factor Tour with One Direction in it and did loads of other amazing birthday stuff. The next event was my MRI, but I’ve written for too long now so I will leave that for later.

Thank you for ploughing through this!


Being referred

On 29th November 2010, I thought I was going to just be told to come back again in six months and all was fine. However I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When we arrived we were sent straight to X-ray, which we hadn’t done since my first appointment in July 2009. Then we came back to outpatients and were seen for the first time by someone other than the consultant. We went in with a nurse, the registrar examined me and said that the curve had got worse. He had to go and discuss with the consultant and I was very worried that something wasn’t right.

X-Ray Nov 10

My X-Ray November 2010

When he came back, he told me I would have to go to London and have to have surgery. I was naturally upset, and once we had given a full medical history  we left. I pretty much collapsed into a hug with my mum. After that I cried for about half an hour. In that time we drove to KFC, ate our boneless chicken and then I got ready for my orchestral concert rehearsal that evening. Once I was there I had a bit of a rant to my desk partner about the whole situation.

I managed to get through the whole concert (which wasn’t short by the way) but got home and got to bed where I cried again. This was to become a common occurrence, but luckily I didn’t feel too bad because Christmas was coming.

It has taken a while for me to write this post so I will wait and then talk about going to London next time 🙂

Thank you for reading