Early Stages

The first time my scoliosis was noticed was in 2008. My mum has it so she was on the look-out and saw that I didn’t stand up quite straight. Therefore we went to the GP in September. However, he saw nothing wrong but just to be on the safe side we were told to come back in March.

In March it had either got worse or my doctor had got better because he saw a ‘spinal deformity’ (hate that term!) and referred me to the County Hospital to see the orthopaedic surgeon there.

21st July 2009 – this was my first visit to the County Hospital. I was extremely nervous and actually threw up beforehand. However, after taking an X-ray, he said that he saw no immediate need for surgery and sent me for a course of physiotherapy.

X-Ray July 2009

My X-Ray from July 2009

September 2009 – I began physiotherapy. I was given a course of exercises to follow and do in the physio clinic on a regular basis. They also thought that my curve could have been cause by a discrepancy in leg length, so asked to raise one of my shoes. This meant that we had to rush and buy shoes on a Friday afternoon at the beginning of term. We were rather rudely told that we shouldn’t expect to find a decent pair in my size in one shop, but found some fairly unflattering, black shoes in a little shop and sent them off to get altered. Once I started wearing them people started to notice – I’d already become different. (I still get people saying ‘didn’t you use to wear those shoes…’)

After that I kept going back to the Consultant, who told me I was fine and to come back later.

Then came November 29th – but I will talk about that in my next post



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